Requesting an eClass course

No need to request your course, we are using now using authoratative “who’s teaching what” information from the Academic Resource Management System (ARMS) to add you into your courses.

There are a couple of cases where you will still need to make a request from us though, they are covered below.

Merging Sections

If you are teaching sections A and B and only want to use one course to manage content and activities you can fill out our request form and we will work to do that for you.

Copying course content from one term to another

You can request for us to move your content across from one course to another at

If you don't want to wait for us to copy your content from one course to another you can follow our step by step instructions to do this yourself at

Requesting a Lecture Recording account

We are using Panopto for lecture recording needs at York, no need to request an account. For information about how to add Panopto to your eClass course visit

Need a Course for a non academic purpose?

We host lots of courses on eClass that aren't tied to a degree credit course. If you'd like a non academic course fill out our form at